Medical Marijuana


Narcotic- a drug or other substance affecting mood or behavior and sold for non medical purposes, especially an illegal one. But can be used as a prescribed drug. This is critical to my understanding my topic because now I would always see the word narcotic as a bad thing. When I did more research I realized that not all narcotic drugs are used in bad forms.

Glaucoma- Pressure in eye that can cause blindness. This word is critical to my understatement in my topic because it gives me a understatement to what the power of what a narcotic can do to you. This shows me a understanding that marijuana isn't only used for recreational reasons but in good reasons to stop you from becoming blind.

therapeutic-the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents. This is critical to my understanding because I would always see this word in all my articles and wasn't always one hundred percent sure what it meant now I see that it means that marijuana is a type of drug or therapy to cure a disease.

NMDA receptor- Is a glutamate receptor and ion channel protein found in nerve cells. It is activated when glutamate and glycine this is critical to my understanding of my topic because its another word for nerves and it gives me a better understanding into what marijuana does to your nerves in a long period of time.

therapeutic-the branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease and the action of remedial agents. This is critical to my understanding because I would always see this word in all my articles and wasn't always one hundred percent sure what it meant now I see that it means that marijuana is a type of drug or therapy to cure a disease.

How does medical marijuana help cancer patients?

Doctors have proved that medical marijuana can help cancer patients with their pain and those who have nausea and a low appetite. According to, “ Patients Say Medical Marijuana Works 92% of Patients who tried medical marijuana stated that medical marijuana helped them relieve the pain they have. Due to the excessive amount of medication or chemotherapy they have gone through, It can cause a lot of pain in the long run. Marijuana may seem to have an impact on people's mind as a negative thing, But in the medical field it is used to help with recovery and pain management. Medical marijuana really allows for patients to be relaxed without pain. According to the article “Is Marijuana Medicine” stated that cancer patients go through great amount of pain making them nauseous and loss appetite therefore the THC in the substance makes those symptoms go away. The medical field has proven that medical marijuana is the most efficient way to help a cancer patient with their everyday pain and cancer patients who are nauseous and who lose appetite. however marijuana doesn't just help cancer patients its also a good component for our economy.

How can medical marijuana be good for our economy? Question

Medical marijuana can create a large sum of money for our state taxes if legalized, and it can help new businesses get created because of the large revenue it would bring into the market. According to “ How Much Do States Make From Medical Marijuana?” stated that medical marijuana makes 120 million dollars on state income taxes. therefore Medical marijuana is very good for the economy. Additionally medical marijuana creates industrial businesses According to “Profitability in the Cannabis Industry” 90% of “ (Farrell, 2017) Medical cannabis stores are successful and are revolutionizing the market industry”. Many people see cannabis as a bad substance but in reality it isn't just a substance that cures cancer patients but its a substance that creates high income taxes making the cities better and it also create many job opportunities. However there are many ways that medical cannabis can be grown.

What are the best methods to grow medical Marijuana?

There has been research done on the places where medical marijuana has to be grown starting from labs to farms. Doctors have set test to analyze where medical marijuana would be best to be grown in. According to “ cannabis growing” Medical marijuana is best grown in labs, so that the doctors can easily analyze the product and light would be facing the plant all the time giving it a faster growing rate. Planting in farms would also be another strategy to grow medical marijuana therefore production would be larger. According to “ways to grow medical marijuana” medical marijuana is best grown in farms although people can steal this product it's important that consumers get their product when they need it instead of waiting for a little lab to give them their product. “ Growing cannabis is the best method to growing it we need to keep it natural” (Tenorio, 2015) This may be a controversial and debatable topic and could go in many different directions but researchers have proven that the best ways to grow medical marijuana are from growing them in labs and growing them in medical farms. However there are many reasons people appose medical cannabis.

Why do people oppose medical marijuana?

For many years people have opposed medical marijuana because some say it's a drug that becomes addictive and it harms the lungs dramatically. According to “Wrongs Of Medical Marijuana” Stated that cigars act as a relief method to regular citizens and medical marijuana is a need to someone who needs it for treatment therefore when a patient will have the mindset that the drug is a (Need) and will have the potential to become addicting to the patient. Another reason why people oppose medical marijuana is because medical marijuana works as tobacco its harms people's lungs according to “deadliest effects of medical marijuana” stated that Marijuana has a chemical called THC thats has a very High tolerance and is stronger than nicotine and can harm your lungs 20% faster than smoking cigars on a regular day basis. Although this may be debatable I could see why people would also opposed to medical marijuana because it's a addictive drug and it can be very damaging to the lungs as well. Many people fear that medical marijuana may pose risk for the future.

Does the Increased of medical Marijuana Pose Risks?

Medical marijuana has been growing massively over the years many may find this as a issue because they are scared that this drug may increase in rapid paste and can affect a patient in a bad way. And people may be scared that people are not aware of how strong the substance is some fear that there will be someone driving high out of there minds and cause destruction. According to “Marijuana Madness” States that in colorado the rate of medical marijuana patients has grown 30% half of the patients who give surveys stated that the medical drug gave them a depressive feeling making them sleep deprived therefore the drug affected them in a negative way. Research has been made that people who use medical marijuana put others in risk. According to “Disadvantages Of Medical Marijuana” stated that many people who get accepted to receive medical marijuana never get tested when they receive it now knowing the risk of the drug. Patients will go out under the influence driving making it very risky for other citizens. I could see why people may not agree with medical marijuana being legalized because medical marijuana can cause risk to the patients and to other citizens.

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