Cupid Arrows By:Xavier Johnson

Cupid Arrows will help with that girl you've been looking for. We can make you fall in love with the hottest mortals, god or monster your wish is my command. The vice president of this company Psyche and my daughter Hedone is a manager. Download our app in the app store if she didn't love you then she has to love you now.
This is how the app works you have to sign in and then take a test about yourself. Then a computer system matches you with someone who has the same things in common as you. Then you can start chatting to each other and if it works out you met up at our business building which is located at 154 lovers way, Mount Olympus or you can call us at 1-800-594-love. When you met me you and your lover will have to stare at each other while I strike one of the spouses with my love arrow. Then you will fall in love and we can strike someone unwilling to fall in love with you but it will cost you.
Our company is mostly ran by high tech computers that will analyze your account and match it with another. If it (Tinder) works for mortals, it can work for gods and monsters too! One of my good friends, Cerberus, and The Hydra tried this system & were an instant match!
Even if your love interest doesn't return your affections, free will isn't a problem at Cupid Arrows! For an minimal fee we'll use our powers of persuasion to ensure your sweetheart falls for you. All you have to do is stare deeply into their eyes.
If you want me to forcefully make you fall in love you have to find 15 dove feathers so I can put them in my dove feathers collection.


Created with images by StudioEddies - "Eros@Piccadilly" • edenpictures - "Eros" • Kpjas - "Amorek_090605_kpjas" • Unsplash - "workstation office business" • nan palmero - "Cupid's Span - San Francisco" • Muffet - "cute Cupid"

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