My Portfolio grace landolt

I chose to take Intro to Art because it seemed interesting and I have always had an interest for drawing. I was expecting to learn how to draw my own face well.

Edges and Contours
Positive and Negative
Relationships and Proportion
Light and Shadows

I learn most from the relationships and proportions drawing stragedy. My art looked so much more realistic once I used proportions.

From my first to my last shading piece with charcoal I improved greatly. The first shading of my hand is very dark and I have a very dark outline around my fingers. In the second piece I did really well on not outlining my piece and I used my shadows well and put darkness only where there was supposed to be. In my third piece I have darkness only where there is darkness and didn't outline any of my features.
Chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. I think I used chiaroscuro very well in this piece because you can tell what direction the light source is coming from. I shaded the right side of my face very well and left the left side lighter, but i could have made my left side a little bit lighter.
My first drawing wasn't very good and I definitely improved because I stopped using stereotypical symbols. I thought I shaded my face very well in this second piece but the left side of my face could have been lighter and my eyes are seemed too outlined. In my third piece I think I did a very good job on my eye and nose.
I wish i could of had more time to finish my self portrait because I rushed to finish it on the last day and so I quickly added some charcoal to the left side of my face and I was unable to shade it correctly and make it lighter.
I felt like I improved greatly on my technical skills because in my first charcoal drawing my charcoal smudged a lot so that is why it was so dark. In this piece I controlled it much better and liked my result
My attitude changed about my artistic abilities when I made this because it was very easy to me and I thought it turned out really nice. Some people around me had trouble with this and the fact that I could do it so easily made me feel good.

Semester 2

I learned the most from the watercolor project. I didn't know you needed to mix watercolor with water on a tray and not take the pigment straight from the container. I also had no idea that the tray was for mixing pigments. I didn't know that if you put black paper over some parts of watercolor the pigment would move.
I learned a lot about the color theory and about how not to mix complimentary colors. In my pieces above I only mixed analogous colors or colors next to eachother on the color wheel to avoid making an ugly brown color.
One watercolor technique I think I did very well on was the wet-in-wet. The colors mixed together well with the water and didn't make a mess. I dont think I did very well with the splatter. I had too much pigment and water on my brush and it ended up not looking very good.
I've seen the most improvement in my work with watercolor. I think my technical skills improved because it was hard for me to blend the right amount of water into the pigment in my technique board and in my finished piece I had the perfect amount of water mixed in and created a cool effect. I also improved in my belief that I can be an artist. I thought I did very bad on my technique board and it just wasn't turning out how I wanted it to, but in my final piece I quickly mixed my paints and they blended together beautifully all on their own with the water. I also did the salt effect way better on my finished piece than I did on my technique board.

This year I discovered art is enjoyable but it is not want I want to continue to do in my future. I like things done quickly and efficiently and in art I felt like I had to perfect everything I did and do things over and over again just to find out I did it wrong again. My tempera painting never turned out how I wanted. I had to redo the gradations multiple times but it never looked like the flower I first drew.

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