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Aaron Yeung

I am currently a senior at serra high school and this is my second year taking photography :). I like dogs and food. I enjoy movies and making films myself. I also like to buy random things on amazon for no reason at all. and try and will be a hype beast. IN my portfolio, you will be able to see some of my favorite/best pieces taken this first semester.

Float Project

The purpose of the float project was to take a subject and make it appear to be "floating." In this project, there are three parts:
1. To take a photo straight from the camera,
2. A edited photo using photoshop,
3. ANY of your choice. I chose this project because of the amount of freedom Mr.Pedersen gave us.

1. This photo of Joey and Nhan was taken straight from the camera. In this photo, Joey is throwing a nasty uppercut that launches Nhanster up into the 3ft into the air. I like this photo because of the dramatic low angle and vignette that is displayed onto the photo. With its high saturation and high contrast look, It gives a nice color and filters on the subjects. The only thing I would change about this, is to switch Nhan and Joey, to have Nhan start on the taller hill and make him go even higher.

2. This was the edited photoshop picture that I took of Joeys. The concept was float but to incorporate more than one Joey fighting another Joey had to be done. This photo was my most difficult one to work with because of the many shadows that appear in the photo and having to work around it. All and all, this is one of my favorite projects the entire year and allows me to expand on my creativity.

3. And last but not least, Nhan holding a frame however his body his see through. I decided to take on another photoshop photo to greatly work on my skills. After seeing a empty picture frame laying in the class, I got an amazing idea on what do to with it. Which resulted in this photo. The lighting was perfect and was one of the easier pictures to take.

Day in a life of Aaron

The day in a life project was to produce photos of what we see thru-out our day at serra high school. our road map consisted of anything that we see while walking to our next class. I displayed two of the most interesting sightings that occur in my normal day.
The main reason I like the photo is because of the dog with his tie on the "Danger" sign :) . This picture appeals to me because of its clarity and diagonal lines leading towards the sign. Because I see this everytime I leave Serra's Campus, it gives me a good reminder that leaving its danger zone faster will allow me to be in my safe house. Its ironic that a dog with a tie is on this sign because most dogs with ties are friendly and not dangerous. Which gives me a nice laugh when leaving school.

This photo of our school dictator, Mr. Jason demendonca is one of my daily sightings while wakling to my 6th period math class. As he directs students to his will and points his iconic finger, this deserves to be one of my favorite pathways to take. I like this photo because it displays a clear story without any clarification first glancing at it.

Spirit Posters

The spirit posters were given to the photography class with no instructions and to see what we could produce as free lance photographers. This was one of the most difficult projects this year because of the words we had to portray in a photo and to make sure it perfectly describes it.
This photo is to represent RESPECT. I like this photo because it can be interpreted in many ways, and in one way, Respect can be taken into thought. The shallow depth of field gives a nice focus on what really matters between the two people.

As you can see in this photo, Joey's PERSEVERANCE in not giving up gave Nhan more a reason to be a great teammate. This photo is one of my personal favorites because of the model's facial expressions and high clarity this picture produces.

TEAMWORK is key and to have teamwork there needs to be a special bond between two players. As they meet up in the middle of the field, there is a connection that is already formed. I like this photo because of its small shallow depth of field and of course the models in this photo.


Portraits are tricky. it is hard to detect a good portrait, most of the time its about luck and patience. however, some things i try to look for is framing, depth of field, clarity on the subject, and lighting.

Jungle Man Joey is traveling the wicked forest of Serra High School. Not knowing that he was being followed throughout his trip, I was able to get this surprised looked from him. I like this photo mainly because of the framing of the leaves that directly leads towards him. As well as the lighting partly hitting his face.

Having a great model also makes it easier for the photographer, this photo has to be one of my personal favorites of Joey. Because he takes up most of the frame, all you can focus on is the subject and admire his stunning looks.

This photo was taken in our very own studio and serra high school. MR.Pedersen already spoiling us with his fancy equipment allowed me to capture this beauty. The one dramatic lighting hitting joey's left side makes this a great portrait in my opinion. Using the black background has to be my go to as it brings out the complexion of his skin.


The home project allowed us to take some cameras home to capture what it meant to us. In these photos, i took pictures of my favorite things when im home, which includes my dog and my car. I think another good topic next time we take cameras home is to capture our weekend life.


"Please leave me to die, its been 11 years of suffering."

Reppin' Honda Gang Gang

Personal Work

My year ( 1st half)

I think I have grown so much as a photographer, not only being more comfortable being around people but also more comfortable being in front of the camera. I feel like I've done really well with more portrait photos as they are my preference when shooting. For example the pictures for the spirit posters and the portraits. With the pictures taken outside of the classroom. I feel I have improved compared to my freshman year because I am more comfortable asking for what I want and being able to work with the camera settings compared to (P) program mode. I've learned this past semester what settings go best for certain areas. What I am still struggling with is indoor photos, I am still inexperience taking pictures, say inside the school gym, and produce high quality photos that I could be able to take.


One of my goals is to take on more client work. Where photography class is not the only time where I pick up the camera but on the weekends and whenever I have the chance during the week to go out and take pictures of anything really. Photography has become more of a passion and hobby than just a class.


By Aaron Yeung

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