Kingdom in the Workplace JESUS' STRATEGY FOR KINGDOM GROWth

Jesus is the King of Kings. He is not only our King, but he is our Strategist. Throughout the New Testament, He models the practicalities of establishing the coming Kingdom. As we step into our identity and imitate Him, we will see similar outbreaking of His love, and even greater works will we do is His promise.

Although we all have the Why, often times there are many barriers to the How. Three of the main barriers are:



Lack of "Know-How"

Our aim through these training sessions is to equip you with the "Know-How". All of the tools are simple, reproducing, and biblical. They are also tried and tested.

Throughout the training you will hear stories that help capture the different scenarios you may find yourself in as you activate these strategies in your own life. We pray these stories also raise your boldness and confidence towards the reality that the Father wants to use you in similar ways, and expect far more.

Created By
Collin Seale