Mariners Inn in NYC June 2017

Clients and alumni of Mariners Inn took a weekend trip to New York City to sightsee and attend a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) conference.

Here are some photos and takeaways.

Everything about the New York trip was awesome, and a life changing experience. To have a real life visual of such an amazing city opened my views on recovery and life.
I’m a sports fan so it was great seeing Madison Square Garden. The Brooklyn Bridge was a great site. The topper was the Statue of Liberty – I never knew she was on her own island. Seeing the site of the 9/11 Twin Towers was something special; the memorial was very touching. My favorite was going to the top of the Empire State Building – that was a great experience.
I’ll never forget this trip.
I laughed, had fun, with people who cared, got to see Times Square – beautiful, got to fellowship with some of the alumni, taste some good foods. Out of it all, it made me actually feel good knowing without drugs I could have the best fun and be around people that love, care, and want the best for me.
That alone made me want to see what I can really accomplish.
I was completely taken aback by how large the city of New York is. The city that never sleeps. To actually have a visual of a city that has so much history. It was major and now I have a better understanding of change and progress. There is demolition and rebuilding going on continuously there. Out with the old and in with the new. I got to see a city on fire. Times Square was the ultimate. I’m lost for words.
The love I felt from my brothers on this long trip was unreal. We laughed and laughed and laughed. We were fellowshipping to the highest, all while we had a chance to let go of our fears and worries. We enjoyed one another. The bottom line is we were enjoying life without the use of drugs or alcohol. It was a moment I will cherish.
I loved my New York experience, and it gave me momentum to keep myself clean so I can see more of the world.
My New York trip was amazing. I was able to experience good fellowship. I never thought I would be able to go to New York. God showed me that anything is possible in my recovery. I was finally able to have clean and serene fun without any negative energy.
I was successful during my trip – the reason why I say that is because they say every day you don’t use you are successful.
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Stephanie Maurice

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