Personality Types Abbey johnson

This is a product that would benefit the ESFP personality type. They work best when they are around others, and fuel their energy from talking to others. This app of telepathic communication could allow the phone to project a small image of the person you are talking to right in front of your screen, so you have a more 3-D approach to talking to them. This helps the "people" people feel even more comfortable, like the person they are talking to is right in front of them!

This new feature on the Iphone is great for people with the INTJ personality. This personality type has an emphasis on knowledge, and a drive to do and excel more. By having the ability to read someone's personality just by scanning over them with this new app, INTJ people will be able to make better assumptions, arguments and have better relationships. This product will help with the gathering of more information since they like to be perfectionists and system builders.


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