Primrose Everdeen By: Bradley stevens

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safe and sound it is a good song for her because that is what happens in the book and it seems like the right song.

About me

Prim is Katniss’ little sister who Katniss will protect any way she can. Prim is a 13 year old girl who acts much more mature than her age. Prim was selected to go into the arena in the 74th Hunger Games however, Katniss volunteered to take her place instead. Prim took on a similar role as Katniss by taking care of Gale after his was whipped by the Head Peacekeeper. Prim has also started to help her mother when she was healing people such as Gale, and Katniss. Prim is a very strong person helps keep Katniss motivated and focused on what she needs to do.

My latest blog entry

Today was not a very happy day as my sister Katniss was selected for the Hunger Games once again. The new rule for this years games are that previous winners will compete against each other. My mom understood the news before Katniss realized what had happened.

Katniss was upset and angered by the news that she ran out of the house into the electrified fence acting as the boundary between district 12 and the woods. A couple hours later she comes back home and Gale is waiting for along with all of the family. I was very happy she was home but scared and worried for her.

As prepared as my sister was I was still nervous and scared for her. I am really scared that she may die in the arena this time. I love my sister more than anything else in this world and do not want to lose her.

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