Billy By Carter delmore

Billy's neighborhood

It all started over a couple of weeks when Billy was starting to become better friends with the popular group at school. The girls in the group would ask her to hang out and go the the movies with a growing interest to be friends with Billy. Since the girls would want to be with Billy it made her feel really good about herself. And after a couple months of being with the popular group, Billy noticed some tension growing. And one day this all stopped, the popular girls wouldn’t talk to Billy or even acknowledge that she was there.

Billy had absolutely no clue what had just happened, she was in total awe. Billy was wondering if it was something she said or something that she did , but the girls were unresponsive, not even one of the girls would tell Billy why she was being pushed away from the group. Because the popular girls had wanted to be around Billy, the sudden exclusion felt like a huge blow to Billy’s self-esteem. Some of the girls in the group were starting to talk to Billy, soon after Billy started talking to the girls she realized that not everybody in the group disliked her especially a girl named Riley.

Billy didn’t know that Riley didn’t like her, and occasionally Riley would have Billy come over to her house. She would act all nice to Billy and then when no one was watching she would bully billy. Riley would call Billy very hurtful names and make her feel awful about herself. Billy would want to fight back but was to upset about what riley would tell all of the other girls in the group, so she wouldn’t say anything thinking it would just go away. But no it would not go away , when Billy was being bullied it had drained all of her energy making her super lazy and no up to do anything, not even her favorite ….. Soccer.

Billy's soccer ball

The bullying only got worse, and one day Billy had told me that she was being bullied by Riley. I knew Riley and I told Billy that I would keep a close eye on her to see if Riley would do anything. I eventually saw Riley try to do something to Billy and I told her to stop and she did, but it didn’t last very long, because just the next week Riley was back at it . By this point Billy had felt terrible about everything her friends, her life, everything so I talked to her . I had told billy not to worry about anything she had many great friends and had an amazing family that loves her and there was no reason for her to be upset about that. After a couple of weeks of talking to Billy about the situation, Riley slowly stopped harassing Billy and she felt empowered that she was making a difference and that Riley gave up on antagonizing Billy anymore .

Once Billy started resisting Riley she had started to move back into the popular group and while that was happening she was making lots of friends because she had stood up to Riley . After what happened to Billy the girls in the popular group realized that Riley does not treat people respect.

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