CUSDF '17 Thank you for all that you do! Here is what your teammates have to say about you:

"Ariel will always tell it to you straight and gives great advice. She makes you feel welcomed to the team and lets you know there is always someone to talk to. She’s a great role model for always pushing through no matter what"

"Ariel goes with the flow and takes what life gives her. In the end she always has a way of working through the tough times and coming out on top."

"Ariel is always there to hear what you have to say and tell you everything is okay. I look up to her positive attitude and how much she cares about everyone around her."

"Ariel is the senior whom I most aspire to be like. She is easy to talk to and is always willing to help you out, even if she is having a bad day. She is incredibly strong, and pushes through obstacles that many would not be able to handle, all with a smile on her face."

"Karina is always giving 100%, whether it is in the pool, in the classroom, or during her cafe pranks. Seeing how determined she is all of the time has shown me that there is always more effort to give, you can always go a little faster if you dig a little deeper."

"Karina is a fierce competitor, whose determination and dedication to leaving everyone thing in the water inspires me to give it my all!"

"Karina is a large part of why I decided to come to Clark, because I knew that I wanted to be on a team where someone could be as happy as she obviously was when I met her on my overnight. She is funny and smart and always motivates everyone around her."

"I look up to Karina because of the way she can power through tough or painful situations without a single complaint."

"Lara is really encouraging and is a great friend to talk to whenever you need it. She really contributes to the team atmosphere and makes sure you know you always have a friend to turn to."

"Lara, you are a secret genius; you some how manage a biochem major and being a fierce competitor in the pool"

"Lara always has a smile on her face no matter what and can so easily lift the mood in a room. She is an incredibly supportive teammate who has your back no matter what. If ever there is something she can do to help a friend, she will go out of her way to do it."

"I treasure what a good friend Lara is. She's always willing to hang out and if you are ever feeling lonely she will be there."

"Melissa is one of the most determined people I have ever met. She accepts nothing but a full effort and is constantly striving for success, not only for herself, but her teammates as well. She always checks in to make sure all is well with her teammates."

"Melissa is so determined to achieve anything she sets her mind to. She works so hard in and out of the pool and it's awesome to see her hard work pay off."

"Melissa is the most driven and committed individual I have ever met. Seeing her in her element inspires me to try and improve myself in and out of the pool"

"Melissa is the most dedicated swimmer I think I have ever met. She inspires me daily to push myself that extra bit, and to be the best that I can be. It inspires me how she always swims her own race and doesn't let anything get to her."

"Niki is always there to listen, no matter what you have going on. She always checks in to make sure you're okay and that everything is going well, and if its not, shes there to help. She is so strong for pushing through a long season of constant challenging situations"

I treasure Niki's motivational spirit in the pool. I know she will always be ready to cheer for anyone who needs it

"Niki is everyone's biggest cheerleader, and makes people swim faster just by being at the end of their lane. She can put anyone at ease with her open, bubbly personality and really embodies the spirit of CUSDF."

"I look up to Niki's infectious enthusiasm for everything she does. I hope to one day inspire people the way she does."

"What I treasure about Vlad, Eddie, and Donovan is that they always have a way to cheer you up no matter what has happened. They inspire me to try my best and be as kind as them. I also realize that they are irreplaceable in and out of the water. I'll never take their places but I’m going to try my best to be like them."

"What I treasure about the seniors Vlad, Donovan and Eddie, is that they lead by example and always find the light in dark times and also provide good advice. But what I like the most is when I need help putting myself back together, they are there for me."

"For each of the seniors, I know that no matter what the set is or how hard my/their day has been, I am able to go to them and I end up feeling better afterward. I look up to Eddie for his calm, Vlad for his endurance, and Donovan for his ability to listen. I am proud to call them teammates."

"I treasure Donovan's encouragement and his support. No matter what, he is always there for me to talk about an issue or just to provide support whenever I need it."

"Donovan has always been a role model of mine since I was a first year. I am always so impressed by how organized and capable he seems. Later in life, when confronted with a problem I might think to myself, “what would Donovan do?” to overcome it."

"I admire Donovan's courage coming back to the team his senior year and for being determined to overcome any obstacle in order to swim."

"I look up to Eddie for always giving it his all in the pool and on the stage, he has so much heart and drive to be competitive and it is inspiring!"

"Eddie is an incredibly helpful teammate and is very good at keeping everyone working hard while still having fun. He works incredibly hard. It is inspiring to see his love and heart for the sport and the team."

"I treasure Eddie for his free spirit and his willingness to always have fun with me in the pool. I admire how passionate he is about theater and the CUSDF and for being able to balance his passions."

"I treasure Vlad's ability to be not only a good friend but also a great team leader. He is understanding and helpful when you bring a problem to him and is able to be there for you as a friend and captain."

"It has been a real privilege to be on a team with Vlad. He has been such a wonderful role model in the pool and in the classroom."

"I look up to Vlad because he is able to effectively lead and keep the team on track, while still creating a fun environment."

Congratulations to the CUSDF class of 2017! We are thankful for all of you and for all of your hard work, passion, and love over these past years. You have shown incredible resilience, dedication, and competitiveness over your time with us. We are proud of how much you have grown as swimmers, students, and people. You will be missed, TL forever.

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