How Much Work is Too Much While in School? My Job at Chick-Fill A

Me before my first day of work

How much time is lost because of my job

At Chick-Fill A, I work around 25 hours per week. My schedule is normally 2-11 on Tuesday's, 2-11 on Thursday's, and 4-11 on Saturday's. At Chick-Fill A as a kitchen employee, my job is to prepare food and ensure the kitchen is nice and clean. The labor is slightly demanding, yet a tight ship is run to ensure safety and speed are at the perfect balance. The kitchen is hot and after 9 hours I smell like fried chicken, but I love my job and my coworkers.

The balance I have for a normal week

The article below explains this.

While some would argue this is too much work, the extra money also creates drive and it forces me to be more attentive to my class schedule and assignments.

During the course of one week, I analyzed how much I worked and how much I studied, and by creating balance I feel like I am a more effective student. Even if I only work 8 hours a week, I still have a great feeling of responsibility and I truly believe that's what college is all about. Conclusively, having a job makes me a better person, just like every single other exhibit.


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