Bill Gates

Did you know that Bill Gates, at the early age of 13, was designing programs for computers and he was paid 20,000$ for creating a program called Traf-O-Data was a program that had a rubber hose on the street and measured how long it took for the car to go. It measured traffic. And the rubber hose signal was sent to a computer and the computer saved it onto a tape and the government later read the tape on another type of computer that read the tape and it told them about the traffic.) He also made the computers first DOS (disk operating system) he also dropped out of Harvard to create the company Micro-Soft with Micro Meaning Microcomputer and Soft Meaning Software. (which later was known as Microsoft) and those are only some of the really cool things about Bill Gates.


Did you know that Microsoft Windows created one of the first computer Disk operating systems? Here is the timeline of all the devices they made. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Those are all of the windows operating systems. Green Is the DOS system versions and blue is all of the Windows system versions. These versions evolved over the years with new features given and old features taken. One of the older features taken was their strong link to American Online ( which is no longer linked with the newer version of Windows XP and Vista.And microsoft, before had already created MSN

Microsoft DOS

Did you know that microsoft is one of the first companies to create a computer? The first computer they made was Microsoft DOS (disk operating system) this computer was very simple and was mostly used to create text documents. Back when this computer was released they were only used by Government or other very important people so they were able to create text documents to store important information. As these computers had no internet/WiFi access so it was not hackable Via the internet. To share information, your company had to have a giant computer room and all the computers in the organization were connected to it Via wires and they could transfer information. This computer was very basic. It was used by command prompt and it had no games, or apps \ and was designed for business use, but some homes had them. This is what the screen looked like. It had Microsoft DOS Version (Whatever Version You Have) 1981-1985

You could use basic command prompts. So the screen would look like this

C:\> and you could type Edit and it would create a text document. This symbol meant enter a command. (I think some employee decided to press a few random buttons to make a startup screen personally) and... that is pretty much the basics of MS-DOS.


As you can see, Microsoft DOS is one of the first Disk Operating Systems, Bill Gates was making computer programs at 13! And windows has evolved a lot over the years. So next time you go to the store… think “should I buy microsoft?”

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