The following is a selection of books that have inspired me personally and have, each in their own way, contributed to the way that I practice today. Douglas Rugh, PhD

I offer the list to help inform your sense of who I am, and as resources that I can recommend without reservation, to anyone engaged in enriching his or her life.

This is an important book for the development of a personal philosophy of life. The author encourages the questioning of fundamental assumptions: spirituality, the value of time, political orientation, and economic beliefs.
A helpful approach for improving deeper connections within relationships. Howes provides the reader with a deep understanding of the steps involved, especially the first: asking questions and listening.
All of Buddhism is mind training. Buddhism has no goal other than personal transformation and growth, and this book is an accessible addition to the literature.
Henrich is the Chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard, and he studies how beliefs, practices, technologies, and social norms (culture) shape our brains, biology, and psychology (motivations, mental abilities, and decision-making biases). He demonstrates how 'culture' is not separate from 'psychology' and how 'psychology' is not separate from 'biology'. In other words, culture physically rewires our brains and thereby shapes how we think.
Outstanding collection of essays for the development of a personal philosophy of life. I found his insights into American culture and our style of life fascinating, and I appreciated his thoughts about how we can not do whatever we want, we are the product of myriad of influences, and yet we are one hundred percent responsible for who we are. This collection of essays is a great reminder of the mysteries, complexity, and wholeness of life. Sartre's philosophy is about reality being greater than the sum of it parts and it doesn't make too much sense to analyze any one part for too long. The value of life is in appreciating infinity.
Singer's descriptive language around yogic and buddhist philosophy is excellent. He reminded me about the importance of facing death at all times in order to become more courageous and more open.
A helpful discussion of boundaries and how they apply in relationships.
How Frankl endured the horrors of the Holocaust and was able to write such a powerful, thoughtful, and phenomenal work is nothing short of a miracle.
A really enjoyable book that provides a clear perspective and rational for viewing psychotherapy as more than a scientific endeavor. Well written, and I appreciated the transcript of sessions embedded throughout.
Fascinating short vignettes on people trying their find their way through this life of ours.
Excellent clarification of what mindfulness is and what role meditation plays in its development.
This book will transform and enrich the way you and your partner experience each other--and yourselves.

If these works resonate with you, I encourage you to email or call me to schedule a time for us to talk. I look forward to hearing from you.



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