No day like a snow day Aggies flocked to old main hill Monday to celebrate USU's first snow day in ten years

Utah State University students awoke Monday morning to a Code Blue Emergency Alert notification that classes for the day were canceled.

Story by Bobbee Russell

According to the university’s Facebook page, it was the first "snow day" in 10 years.

Photo by Erica McNeill: A snowball fight broke out between a group of students — one team of 10 against a team of two.

There isn’t a required amount of snow for the school to close down, said Judy Crockett, USU’s emergency management coordinator.

Photo by Matt Halton

“The President and Vice President have the final say in what is done,” Crockett said.

Photo by Erica McNeill

Utah State students entertained themselves for the day riding snowboards, skis, sleds, a tray from the Aggie Marketplace and even a flamingo pool toy down Old Main Hill.

Photo by Matt Halton
Photo by Matt Halton

Courageous skiers and snowboarders flipped off of jumps which started toward the top of the hill and forced the person on the jump to fly across the staircase onto the other side.

Photo by Matt Halton

Joe Stephen (not pictured), a freshman English major, wanted to make sure no one on the hill got in the way of the makeshift ski jumps.

“I’m making sure everyone stays safe,” Stephen said.

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Photo by Matt Halton


Photos by Erica McNeill and Matt Halton

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