Toilet Paper Experiment by charlie, kahlil, roger, sebastian

Testable Question: How does changing the brand of toilet paper affect the strength.

Hypothesis: Our hypothesis is that Charmin would be the best because it is more famous than the other brands. Angel soft would be 2nd and Quilted Northern would be the worst we ever seen.

Independent Variable: The brand of toilet paper.

Dependent Variable: The drops of water.

  1. Get one square of Charman.
  2. Rubber band the toilet paper to the cup
  3. Put two marbles on the toilet paper
  4. Drop one drop of water at a time until it breaks.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for each brand.


Quilted Northern: 1,209 drops

Angel Soft: 89 drops

Charmin: 272 drops

Conclusion: Surprisingly, Quilted Northern had the most drops, Charmin was second, and Angel Soft was last. Our hypothesis was very wrong because Quilted Northern had 1,209 drops. Quilted Northern had at least 1,000 more drops than the other brands.

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Charles Saxton


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