Commercial Design

Hi, I'm Allison Mroczek! For all my life I have loved drawing and any other forms of art. I have always enjoyed the performing arts. For years I've participated in theater, band, and dance. Growing up watching Bob Ross and enjoying being in nature, has always inspired me in my artwork. Expressing my feelings and beliefs through my pieces has always been therapeutic to me. My inspiration for my art, comes from my faith and my view of life.

Showed above is a coffee shop logo that I designed. My objective was to design a logo that was fresh and modern, while incorporating a more classic and earthy color combination. The bold green cactus catches the viewer's eye, while leading them to the coffee cup.
My generall goals I aimed for in all of these pieces were to express my personality and view of life. I used colored pencils and black micro pens to create the pig composition. For this piece I used a cross hatching technique to convey the roughness of a pigs' character. On the middle piece I used markers and black micro pens to draw on a page from a book. The words left uncolored create a poem that describes my view of happiness. My last artwork, The Statue of Liberty, is detailed by paisley like designs. It was created by black micro pens and black fine point markers.

For my final drawing, I used charcoal pencils to create a self portrait of my eye. I chose hyperrealism and emotionalism for my styles. This piece not only shows my eye, but how I see the world through my eye. The bright sun streaming through the rough mountains symbolises the power of happiness during the rough times in life. sunflowers grow by turning their faces towards the sun, much like how I grow by focusing on God to fulfill and nourish me.


Created with an image by freephotocc - "art art supplies artist"