Journey Log 5 Creativity

This week in class we went into more detail about the villain paper. I have had a hard time finding sources to use for the assignment but I was able to find a few to use to come up with an idea for my paper. I want to be able to find what Scar really is based on in the movie and why he does end up being taken down but they continue the story by introducing his son. Why would they bring in his son when he was a villain? Would he become a villain also? For this paper I will have to use my creativity to come up with enough information on the movies to figure out how to go about this paper. I'm not a 100 percent sure how this will go but I do think it will turn out pretty good. I can try and come up with multiple ideas to go about this paper and see what will work the best with the information I have.

The assignment is what scares me about writing. I believe I am creative to a certain extent with many things I have done in the past but I am not sure how this one will go. I am comfortable with going out of the box of a five paragraph essay because I have never been good at those to begin with. I just don't know how this type of prompt will go with the villain I chose. I like being able to play around with ideas but not having an exact idea of what is expected is what worries me. I hate not knowing what is asked of me for a writing assignment because I am not great at coming up with ideas and being more creative of what to write about.

I now am a little anxious about using even more technology in a english class than I already have. On Thursday it was discussed that I will have to use more types of technology for this class I became annoyed. I already hate knowing that I will have to work more with mine craft and then adding more adobe systems to it freaks me out. I am not a person that likes to work with computers let alone more systems that I have never heard of before. I will try to be more open to the idea of using more technology for an english class but I can't guarantee that I won't get frustrated. I have been reluctant to doing all these journey logs and having to change my classification to bard knowing that I have to use more creativity for my journey logs is annoying. I will try my absolute best and do what I have to do to get through this class.

I also had to write my annotated bibliography this week. I have never had to do one before so knowing that this was my first time and having it be a large part of my grade it freaked me out. I did what was expected of me but I am unsure if I did it well enough. I know I should have started the assignment earlier but I did it and was happy it was finally done. I didn't like all the sources I used but I did sources for the bibliography so I used what I could find because I didn't have time to look for different ones and it was a hard topic to find enough good ones.

My previous journey logs haven't been what I would like them to be like. I have been putting them off to the last minute to get them done because I have started to get bored of having to do them. They are not a fun thing to do like I thought it would be when I first started them. My best one I think is the very first journey log because I was able to talk a lot more about the class and what was going to scare me and interest me in class but I have been pushing through it and getting them done. I hope that i will continue to do better on them like this one. I am using my creativity and openness as much as possible to get through them and get the best grade possible.

  • I am not a creative person
  • Trying to get through English
  • I can try and do my best
  • This class is not easy
  • But I will do what I can
  • I will be writing about Scar
  • The lion king is my favorite
  • What more can I do?

I came up with the poem based on some of the points I made in the journey log. I used some of the points I talked about in the journey log about class and assignments I will be doing. I decided to do a small poem to get the basis of my thoughts in the extra assignment I had to do as a bard. I used a poem to reflect some more about this class and how I have been feeling throughout the time in english. I thought the best way to reflect about my journey log would be done through a short poem to get more of how I am feeling and think I am doing in this class.

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