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Cape schanck

Fun fact:

The cape schanck was named after captain john schanck in the 1800s.

Wave cut platform
A wave cut platform is a thin flat area often found along the shoreline of the sea that was formed by the erosional wave. wave cut platform started of with sea erosion cliff Then the wave cuts a notches which weakens the cliff,over time the waves would just cut it down (collapse)then it forms what we see as wave cut platform.there is a few wave cut platforms at cape schanck.
A stack is often a vertical column of rocks that has been formed by wave erosioned and hydraulic action through time they are crushed and hit with other rocks and washed with the sea water.the stacks use to be a headland then they were washed and form a crack then they get weak and collapse then this forms a free standing stack or even a small island.At cape schanck there is not much stacks found.they are bedded sedimentary or volcanic rocks, particularly on limestone cliffs.
A headland is a point of a land that is usually high and with sheer drop.headland are found surrounded by water and three sides,headlands are formed from the rocks that break and have less resistant such as sand and clay are eroded,they leave things such as chalk, limestone, granite then over time it forms a headland.however when we were at cape schanck we only saw one headland.



a pebbly or sandy shore, especially by the sea between high- and low-water marks.

The beach at gunnamatta have a very clean kind of sand and a bit of crushed rock which means there isn't much rock near there through out the years.beachs have small systems where rock material moves onshore, offshore, or alongshore by the forces of waves and the beach there are destructive waves,constructive waves,coastal erosion and dune the beach there is also hydraulic action,abrasion,attrition and solution waves.
At gunnamatta there is many dunes because of the way the beach is formed because there is lots of wind and sand accumulate the dunes grow along the wind and over time They form a field of dunes.dunes only grow when the area is the kind of area they can live in if they get dimaged it's really hard to grow them back unless they are been supervised.the dunes grow the way the wind is blowing.
The vegetation on the dune is the habitat for many hative animals and birds.some of the vegetations are New Zealand spinach,maram grass,spinifex,hairy spinfex and pig face.this plants helps the coastal and protects the gunnamatta we found lots of plants on the side of the path way.
St andrews
The dunes at St. Andrews was once been closed down because of the dunes,this problem was that everyone decided to take their own way to the beach and had distoryed the dunes so they had to be regrow and then opened again later.there is a dune system and the system is that first is the tertiary dune then going down is the secondary dune after that is the primary dune and last is the beach berm which is near the high tide mark.the dunes protect the beach from weathering.
This is the dune system
No life saving service at this beach so which means I'think not safe to swim in there the beach has a really strong back wash and long shore drift.
Wave cut platform
at St. Andrews the waves are deposition and have lots of wave cut platform that means before that place has a giant headland and or a cave because usually it takes a long time to crush the big rocks down and this place had not have a flat surface but with a quit a big wave cut platform there.i don't think any people would go there to swim.

Human impacts

Cape schanck:1.the path ways are everywhere and that makes people walk through places they they shouldn't be at and damage the vegetations and dunes.

Gunnamatta:1.the car park:because when people were building the car park they would make a lot of toxic and chemical things in there and that has a affect on the beach and all the plants.

St. Andrews:1.the houses:when they build and construct their house they produce gas and other chemical acids and that would affect the dunes and distory everything that is on the beach.

Cape schanck:

A.paths and fence

B.signs,educational board


D.signs and fence


A.signs and fences

B.educational board and signs

C.path and fence

D.paths and fence



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