Debra Flanagan

Nine Patch Series

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from UT/Austin in 1990, and while being a stay at home mom, Debra began a cottage industry called Painted Papers.

Painted Papers

She hand painted sheets of gift wrap/design paper and the work was eventually accepted in the Austin and Dallas Museum of Art gift shops.

"Nine Patch Series"
"A daughter of a self made designer, grandchild of a lover of costume jewelry and great grandchild of an American Quilter, I have been driven to create these tributes to the women in my life."
"Nine Patch Series"
"Most recently, 'Nine Patch-a Tribute To Lucy Baker' has offered me the opportunity to recall and reconnect with the magnitude of what she did. Growing up during that time, young girls learned skills like sewing, tatting, knitting, crocheting and quilting. Clothes were home-made from things like flour sacks and quilts were made from fabric scraps leftover from making clothes. Granny quilted over 2000 quilts in her lifetime…all by hand, each stitch."

"The "Grasses” series expresses my love of these under valued stems and they became my focus. My Northeast Texas upbringing has set a deep love of the outdoors and nature running in me. It was these early appreciations which led me to identify the roadside grasses as something of great beauty. Standing still or blowing in the breeze in one direction then another, their moving about is like waves. On some days the drops of sun can create a dance of sparkling light."


"My inspiration is my family; the women in my life who came before me and the ones who follow me. Otherwise it’s nature, a beautiful sky, sunrise, sunset, rolling waves, crystals, geodes, pond scum, lichens, leaves and simple beautiful roadside grasses that raise my spirits."

Janus Lee

Dreams & Memories Repurposed

"I believe it is the job of both artists and mystics to see and to express what others cannot. I am a mystic who delights in the remaking of found objects, and who just wants to make everything beautiful."
"Like Water Loves the Shore"
"I continue evolving artistically through my solid educational foundation in drawing, design (both 2-D and 3-D in ceramic art), commercial illustration (prior to computers), and far more recently, sequential art (for several graphic novels in progress)."

"We are related to the Earth, to the universe, to all living things. We are memory of what was, & dreamer of what will be."

"Midnight Lotus"

"I’m looking forward to a larger studio spaces for further exploration of repurposed signboards as backgrounds for my artistic practice - partly because signs take me back to a childhood of following my sign-painting father around and watching billboards being hand painted."
"Aerialist Dreaming" ,"What Arrives? What Departs?" and "Universe Held"
“To remember who we are is the goal of my artwork. We are related to the Earth, to the universe, to all living things. We are memory of what was, and dreamer of what will be.”

"Poppies for Remembrance"

"My illustrations have also been featured in print, and my fabric art is permanently installed as of 2014 at The Hite Institute of Art."

William Sullivan


"All of these paintings are of subjects in my neighborhood which is the River Place subdivision of Austin."
"I have always just wanted to make art, and I have been lucky enough to be able to do that most of my life."
"Bikes on Parade"
"I am inspired by the world I live in and the people I know, and occasionally by places I am just passing through and people I don’t know."
"Blue Poles", "Flag Pole" and "4th in Sun Tree Park"
"I took art classes as a child and in high school. I studied art at Brown University in Providence Rhode Island, and I also had classes at Mass Art in Boston and the University of Virginia."

"I have been painting as long as I can remember…about 65 years. I have had jobs teaching art, printing “T” shirts, painting murals, and making computer games, but I have always made time to draw and paint."

"Century Plant"

"I also work in pastels and oil pastels on paper."

"Century Plant"

"I made art for computer games. In 2003 I moved to Austin to work with another game company. I have been painting full time for the last 5 years. I am currently teaching at the Cordovan Art School at several locations around Austin."

Timothy Woolsey

Portraits and Landscapes

Tim has had a deep interest in art since childhood.

"Winter sunrise" and "Salt Marsh"

Tim does commissioned portraits, working from photographs and from life. Ideally, he would like to have you sit so he can make some sketches from life.

He tries to capture the "life behind the eyes" of each of the people he has painted.

"Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park"

"White Heron"

Tim completed his doctorate in piano performance in 1976 and for 35 years taught undergraduate and graduate piano at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He was named Professor Emeritus in 2009. After retiring from Texas State in 2010 he has been enthusiastically pursuing a lifelong interest in art.