L. Dodson 1 point perspective project

My first cityscape was unsuccessful because the lines I made were not very good and straight. Another reason it was unsuccessful because the buildings weren't a very good shape and didn't look very good at all. The last reason it was unsuccessful because it didn't have any color to it and it looked very dull.

For this second cityscape I used lines to create my buildings, roads, and bricks on the buildings. I also used color to show the color of my buildings, roads, tree, sun, and the grass. the color helped it a lot by giving it character.

My second cityscape was successful because I used my ruler to make the lines straighter and the bricks were going toward the vanishing point instead of going straight across. It was also successful because I added color so it wouldn't look bland and show everybody what color it was supposed to be.

  1. 1) I didn't know anything before this assignment
  2. 2) A technique I learned was pointillism. Its function is to vary colors to create depth in a work of art.
  3. 3) Pointillism is a technique of impressionist painting using tiny dots of various colors. I used pointillism in my final project in the earths water around my house. The colors I used were light blue, blue, dark blue, and a shade of purple.
  4. 4) What artist accomplished by using pointillism is by using the dots they made to give the artwork more character and texture to make it look more realistic.
5) Artist: Claude Monet, Title of work: Water lily pond, Created: 1900
  • 6) This painting was created by Claude Monet and what he tried to accomplish was use oil point on a canvas to create a painting. What I see in this picture is a bridge over the water and on the water are a lot of lily's.
  • 7) In this painting the uses value very well in this artwork because all the colors are similar they are just different shades.
  • 8) What I think is good about the painting is the value but what I think is not so good is the colors. I think Claude Monet did A good job because the painting is pretty popular. I think people should see this work of art because it would be a good example of oil paintings. I think people would say this artwork isn't good. I think this because they could be jealous that they weren't that good at painting. I would give this artist a 5 out of 10 because the value is good he just doesn't use a variety of colors. If I owned this work of art I would hang it up in the living room and invite a lot of people over so they could see it. What I think is worth remembering in this painting is the details and ho realistic it looks.

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