Anatomy & Grid Theory Overview 101

4 tips for Grid theory

1. Include the overlay of the grid on your web page
2. Place some guides for additional assistance
3. Stay focused and accept restrictions
4. Do not forget about spacing

This is one way you could create a grid for a website. Notice the even spacing above between each line that could either be filled with pictures or text. You don't have to use this many lines, and could easily create a design with 6 columns.

GameInformer Website Redesign (2nd Quarter)

As far as grids are concerned, they are they to help you with a website's structure. You could compare this process with how teachers recommend always writing the homework in a daily planner. You don't have to do it at all. But if you are ever in a predicament or situation where you don't know your homework, should have written it in you planner. Before it's too late, incorporate grids in your initial design to create a correctly structured design.


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