Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit Common exhibit for learning objective #4

Since this test, and meeting with my instructor something that we dicussed was making the information more relevant to my actual life. Simply reviewing and trying to memorize the material wasn't working the way i wanted it to. So for the next test which was on dietary nutrition. I chose to engage with the material while i worked out or coordinated my meal to the information. For example when we talked about a balanced plate of protein, fat, carbohydrate, and dairy i made dinner for my roommates. When we talked about long low intensity workouts burning fat i rode my bike home for 45 minutes. Recalling and focusing on the information learned in class while performing these activities helped me to keep the information more on my mind on a regular basis so by the time i needed to review it really was just a review. The next test i predicted i would get a 80 and i got an 86 so it worked out.


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