George Washington Villain or hero

Is George Washington a villain or hero. To many this is a very controversial topic, as he has done many things to be awarded both titles. I will be sharing with you why after all of the negative things he has done I Still consider him to be a heroic figure.

A couple things that George Washington is famous for is participating in the continental army, becoming the first president of the United States, being a farmer before and after his presidency, and lastly being now known as the "father of his country".

On the other hand he is also famous for a few other not so heroic factors like siding with views of those of Alexander Hamilton, he has been criticized for being a slave owner, and not freeing his slaves.

I see George Washington as a hero because he lead the continental Army as Commander and chief. He lead this group with great responsibility as he never gave up on these brave men fighting for their independence. He made decisions that were very hard to make in a short amount of time and under a lot of pressure, but these decisions lead us to victory.

Being leader of the Continental Army is not the only thing that has left George Washington's legacy, but he has also introduced to us the idea of a presidency. If it wasn't for George setting grounds for the future presidents to come I don't think things would be the same at all.

I believe the reasons above show that George Washington is a hero because he has left a promising legacy on our nation despite his minor failures.

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