The Mexican War of Independence By. Grace kucharski

The Mexican War of Independence was a series of battles between the Spaniards that arrived in the "New World", and the native Mexicans that had been living there for hundreds of years. This war started in 1810 and ended in 1820, which Mexico being an independent nation.

Claim: The Mexican War of Independence was a revolution due to the fact that there was a change in the society with the native Mexican people, economics with the system of Encomiendas, and the politics of the leaders that were in charge of the part of the “New World”.

Analysis: The Political Changes that happened during the Mexican War of Independence were mainly from the leaders of Mexico. Mexico was under that rule of Spain at the time. During the war many leaders of were executed or imprisoned by forces loyal to Spain. Later and after the war these leaders found themselves at high up positions in the government. By the end of the war the Queen of Spain, Isabella gave them independence and they created their own constitution monarchy. The social change that was made during the Mexican War of Independence was about equality. The liberals really pushed for everyone to be equal throughout the country, including the indigenous people, and also the non catholics. By the end of the war the country have become more diverse and have lot of improvement when it came to equality. As for economics, when Mexico was under the rule of the Spanish, the indigenous people had to abide by the the system of Encomiendas that was a set of rules that the Spanish had created. Later in the War of Independence the system of Encomiendas, was not the used in the same way that it once was. There were new laws, that allowed the Native more benefits and freedom throughout their lives. The New Laws created a better environment towards the end of the war, and this growth continued throughout Mexico after they had won their independence.

Support: As for Political Change, the main difference was the leaders throughout Mexico. Before the war and during it the leaders of Mexico were primarily from Spain, and under the Spanish rule. Spanish had complete control of Mexico and the indigenous people of that area. Throughout the process of the war, the leaders of Mexico has dramatically changed. Some examples of this are the native people of Mexico that had no rights before the war, now found themselves at higher positions in the government. Also, Mexico had become a full time Monarchy, under the rule of Iturbide. This was a change because the Monarchy before was all from Spain, and wanted to see the Spanish succeed, whereas after the war their leaders had the best interest in Mexico.

The main changes for society was equality. Equality was a huge issue throughout Mexico, while they were under the Spanish rule. The indigenous people were not treated very fairly during the War of Independence. They weren’t granted the same rights as the Spanish people were. For example, under the strict rules of the Spanish the natives would have to work for little to no money, and the Spanish took their resources. They took their gold and silver which was a source of money that they lived off of. After the war, the natives were given nearly the same freedom as the Spanish had. The main reason for this change was the liberals that pushed for these laws. This is similar to today’s society, because liberals push for more and more rights. Not only was it the indigenous people that were being segregated against it was non catholics. When the Spaniards came over to the new world, they saw an opportunity to teach the natives about Christianity. This converted many Mexicans into the Catholic religion. Some were forced into the religion, but others chose not to pressure this religion. These people were looked down upon, and didn’t receive as many rights during the war. After the war these people were not as segregated, and were treated similar to the Catholics.

Examples of changes that were seen on the economic side of this revolution mainly came from the system of Encomiendas. This system was guided towards being beneficial to the Spaniards. This system had the native Mexicans work under strict conditions for barely any pay or sometimes for their workings the Spanish work teach them Catholicism. The Spaniards most of the natural resources from the land, and sold it for their own benefit. They wouldn’t allow the natives to become wealthy. After the war most of these conditions changed. There was a new order of laws, called “The New Laws”. These were guided to see the native earn some sort of money for the work that they had been doing. Also, after the war the Spaniards were not allowed to enslave the indigenous people, they know longer had control over these people, and if they wanted to hire someone to work as if they were a slave, they had to be paid.

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