Sea Search Zoe Whitney

Sea Search is a game set underwater where the player of the game is a fish. The fish swims around the ocean and must avoid enemies such as sharks. It also have to find its own food and other clues to give it hints on where to find its school. You can meet other sea creatures along the way to give you clues on how and where to find your school of fish. This game is targeted at a young audience and is designed to have easy and simple instructions, making it simple for children and young teens to read and understand.
I think this game will be profitable and successful because it is a quick, fun, easy game for kids to enjoy. This game will have a fun, colourful and exciting cover to engage people when looking at apps. This app can be advertised in brochures or ads that appear when having to watch a video in another app. Advertisements could appear on the screen with a little insight to what the game is about or a small trailer on how to play. This could get the buyer interested and want to download the game. Doing ads like this can also encourage people to tell others about this app which will make the app more popular.
I feel this game will be lots of fun, but it also gets the players mind thinking. Along the way you will have to complete mini games to give you a larger clue to where your school is. This game may benefit the child as well as keeping them entertained. Sea Search also has levels to complete. Finding your way back to the school gets more difficult and the mini games become slightly harder when you complete each level. The school of fish that you have to find at the end will be further away the higher your level is.
Sea Search is a game which is fun, engaging and gets your mind thinking too! It is targeted at the ages 7-12 and is a fun and easy game to learn. Whilst playing sea search, a fun and bubbly background music will be playing to keep the player engaged and interested. This game will interact with the player and be really simple and exciting and thats why I think Sea Search will be successful. Thanks for watching!


Created with images by lpittman - "divers underwater ocean" • ChrisA1995 - "Nature - Fish" • Anosmia - "snorkeling" • Dainis Matisons - "Japan" • skeeze - "gray reef shark fish shark"

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