DC Rebirth off to a great start Since its launch in May 2016, DC Comics has been releasing some of the best comic book stories with Rebirth in years!

What is DC Rebirth?

In early 2016, DC Comics held a press conference announcing they would be relaunching their library of superhero titles. DC Comics made it clear right away that this relaunch is not a reboot, which had many people skeptical of the news, but rather a refresher of the entire DC superhero library of titles.

At DC we believe in superheroes, and what makes them great. Rebirth is designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future

Quote is from Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Entertainment (from DC Universe Rebirth press release)

Image: DC Comics

What Has DC Done Right With Rebirth?

Embracing the past

DC Rebirth is all about embracing the past, present and future. One of the biggest issues with the New-52 was how everything in the past did not come into New-52 continuity, meaning DC history did not matter and that left plenty of people upset with the direction their titles were going. The New-52 was a reboot, it set a new universe, but with Rebirth, it's a refresher. Stories that happened years ago, including the New-52, will be in continuity, which is what DC Rebirth is about.

Image: DC Comics

Most Rebirth titles have twice-monthly shipping and a new price point

When DC announced Rebirth they revealed that popular titles like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League and the Flash, to name a few, would ship twice-monthly with a $2.99 price tag. In The New-52, titles shipped monthly and most of them cost $3.99. The fact that titles will hit comic shops twice a month at $2.99 is nice, and can allow readers who are on a budget to buy more books.

New Creative Teams

One of the big changes with Rebirth is that most titles have new creative teams. Having a new team of writers and artists will allow for a fresh take on character and storylines.

Image: DC Comics

Rebirth by the numbers

Rebirth has seen some pretty impressive sale numbers since its debut in May. Here is a rundown of sale statistics


DC Comics Rebirth press conference

The Rebirth press conference took place in March. Here is the re-broadcast, uploaded by the official DC YouTube channel.

Podcast on DC Rebirth

Here is a quick preview of the podcast I did with John on DC Rebirth

Image: DC Comics

Where to buy Rebirth titles

Local comic shops will carry single issues along with graphic novel titles. Here is an interactive map of local comic book stores in the Greater Toronto Area.

You can also buy graphic novels on Amazon.ca and Indigo

Image: DC Comics


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