Art portfolio 2016-2017 Alexis vogt

My name is Alexis Vogt and this is my first year in high school art. My goal in art was to improve my ability to use value and texture. I enjoyed being in the class because it gave me an opportunity to draw for one of my hours in school and improve my skills. I learned that giving a drawing value and texture can give it depth.

Elements drawings

In these drawings I saw that when you draw you don't draw the image you see, you draw the lines and the spaces in between the the lines to get the image. Also with the upside down drawings I learned how to use the left side of my brain to draw which helps make you draw the lines not the image.

Negative and Positive space

This picture is an example of a negative and positive space. With negative and positive space you draw the outline of the space that is not being used, or negative, instead of drawing the shape of your image.

Blind contour, first, and finle hand drawings

These pictures reflect my progress in drawing positive and negative spaces, contour lines, and values. I feel that I improved most on value because there is actual depth in the picture and the image does not look flat.


In my profile picture I used value, texture, and shadows to make my profile round. I also used those elements to show that the profile had depth and was not flat. I feel that it looks like me for the most part but I feel that the mouth and chin could use some work.


In my stippling drawing I did my tap shoes. Dance is a passion of mine and I wanted to do a drawing that represented this. To show value the darker the image was in a certain spot the more concentrated the stippling was. Also if he area was lighter then you used less dots.

Still life

My still life drawing shows many elements of drawing. I feel that my value and shape are some of the strong elements. I learned that this type of drawing was difficult because there were many things all around it and not just a plain background. I had to concentrate on what I was trying to draw and ignore the objects around it.

Scratch board

My scratchboard drawing is a drawing of my puppy Dusty. I showed value in this piece by the areas that are lighter you would scratch the black off and make the areas whiter. In the areas that are darker you would very lightly scratch it off or not scratch it at all. This is the reciprocal of stippling. In the furry areas I used very light and fast strokes to show texture. To make his nose look rough I just dotted it to give it texture.

2-point perspective

In my two point perspective, I learned that all of your vertical lines are parallel and your horizontal lines all line up to your vanishing point. The vanishing point is the point where all matter in the picture disappears. The horizon is at your two vanishing points.

Before and after self portrait

In my before self-portrait, the strongest element was the shape because it looked like a face but was nowhere near the value that it should of had. In my after self-portrait, I had better value and make my face look rounder but the proporitons were off so the shape didn't look right.

Ruscha Ribbon

In my Ruscha Ribbon drawing, I learned how to take the shadow of the paper and use that to make the drawing look 3 dimensional. Where the shadow was right next to the paper it was darker whereas the shadows that were towards the end of the paper is lighter. The lines for the shadow were stretched out because the light was not right above the image.


Some of the challenges that I faced in this class were learning all the different techniques involved in drawing and applying them to my work. I also found it difficult to use value to make everything look realistic. I really enjoyed the class because I like to draw and it was nice to be able to draw and get credit for it and not just do it for fun. I improved most on using value to make things look 3 dimensional and to have depth. I learned a lot of new information and will be able to apply it in the future.

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