Lord of the Flies v Animal Farm Joshua Roesler Humanities 3A

This web page will be discussing the similarities between two classic reads: Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies.

Power Struggle

In Lord of the Flies, Jack and Ralph are pitted against each other for control of the boys. Similarly to the power struggle of Napoleon and Snowball in Animal Farm. In LoTF (Lord of the Flies) Jack represents chaos and Ralph represents order, these two will always fight over control of everything. The power struggle in Animal is based on the ideals of each leader. Snowball wants control so he can provide the best life for the animals, meanwhile Napoleon uses fear and aggression to take as much power and distribute it among his species. Sadly in both novels the aggressive/oppressive leader wins over and chaos wins. Jack killing both Piggy and Simon as well as Napoleon becoming Mr.Jones and ruining Animal Farm. A power struggle will always lead to a winner who wants it for themselves because the greed allows for better results in a feud.

Absolute power corrupts Absolutly

The Stanford Prison Experiment is an excellent representation of how absolute power can and will corrupt

The theme I have chosen is an obvious one. The age old saying " Absolute power corrupts absolutely". This is especially true in both LoTF and Animal Farm. Jack, who assumes power over the choir boys, is still unsatisfied and so he craves more power. So he begins the Hunt, the hunt allows for Jack to be in total control. However this still is not enough for him. Jack soon uses what power he has to slowly chip away at Ralph. He does this by leaving a meeting early, punching Piggy and stealing the glasses. The final turn of power is the death of Simon. The entire group shows loyalty to Jack after this. In Napoleon's case, he starts by carrying Old Major's torch. The pigs together hold power over the farm due to their brains. Soon though, Napoleon becomes "drunk with power" and uses it to become a human. He drinks the milk, he sleeps in the beds, he trades with Mr. Whymper, and changes the rules to benefit the pigs. The power each of these charachers gain, draws them to more power, as their power grows so does their thirst for power. This is a corner stone of each book.


While many characters are similar between Animal Farm and LoTF the three comparisons I will focus on are as follows. I see Napoleon as Jack. This one is obvious. I have been comparing these two the entire time, from the power struggle too its inevitable corruption. So I will quickly showcase their similarities here. They both have an unquenchable thirst for power. This is displayed in their actions to obtain it. Also in both books they are chaos, the unrelenting force that drives the ill-willed. Jack uses chaos to divert power, Napoleon uses it to create power. Jack takes Ralph's power, and Napoleon starts a revolution. Piggy is Snowball, they are in a pseudo powerful position. They are both extremely intelligent and want what is best for their groups. Piggy, to be rescued and rid of the terrible island. Snowball, to better the farm and give every animal a fair life. However both are disregarded and driven away or killed. The chaos in their oppositions destroyed them. Finally Napoleon's hounds are the Hunters. The hunters and the hounds both serve chaos. They fuel the flame by exerting chaos's power and unquestioningly follow their master. The hounds drive snowball away and intimidate the animals into submission. The hunters do whatever Jack tells them and they show Jack the power he so dearly craves.

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