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"When Phil Collins meets John Legend with a dose of the Legendary Jimi Hendrix you get the artist named “Songs By Hymn”.

Pittsburgh, PA born, Charlotte, NC, raised artist HYMN began to pursue a music at age 14. Earlier in his career, he was immersed into the rap genre, under the name Mizzo. Signed to a local label, he learned to produce his own music at the age of 16. The label was forced to close its doors due to unforeseen events, which left Mizzo amongst other artists no place to record.

"Eventually I found myself in a place where I believed that music was all that I had left." - HYMN

He began to use music as a emotional outlet. This caused him to explore & study blues artist such as: Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Nina Simone. Such exploration served as a gateway to more Classic Rock & Alternative artists/bands such as: The Eagles, The Animals, Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, and the late career of Johnny Cash. He also dove into 70’s R&B artists Al Green & Bill Withers. Intrigued by the expressive nature of these various artist he began to find his own sound.

As a songwriter and producer with an infectious voice that captivates his audience; HYMN purposefully composes his music to resonate in 432ghz Healing Frequency.

He taught himself acoustic guitar, and landed a job as a recording engineer at a local studio where he requested to be paid in studio time. During the day he ran scheduled sessions, and at night, after business hours, he recorded. His childhood friend, heard a compilation of his newly discovered sound, and was so impressed with the body of work, he forwarded it to Music Executive, BOHANNON, Ceo of BANGVILLAGE.

“His music defines modern time Hymns, I call him Past, Present, and the Future!”

From that moment on, the names Marquis Gerchard and Mizzo were retired, and SONGS BY HYMN was born. In Partnering with an industry Heavyweight Music Mogul Like DeVyne Stephens, Hymn is certain to have a bright Future! Stephens discovered Senegalese R&B singer AKON, signed him to his Upfront Records founded in 2005, and CEO of KonLive Distribution and Konvict Records which launched the careers of Lady Gaga and T Pain. Credits also include the creative development of Toni Braxton, Pink, TLC, Usher, Boyz II Men, and more!

"That's when I became a REBEL, then I shamed the devil... I walk with NO FEAR!" - Songs By Hymn


Songs By Hymn “3MERG3NCY” (Quarantine Playlist) distributed by CINQ in conjunction with BANGvillage and UPFRONT MEGATAINMENT will be available on all platforms May 1st, 2020



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