The dust bowl was one of the causes of the great depression because it destroyed many homes and farms and gave many people respiratory problems.


"Dust Bowl During the Great Depression - American Memory Timeline- Classroom Presentation | Teacher Resources." Library of Congress. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

This shows how hard life became when the stock market crashed most people couldn’t even afford homes because they didn’t have jobs so many people became homeless.

Caption: "Nipomo, Calif. March 1936. Migrant agricultural worker's family. Seven hungry children and their mother, aged 32. The father is a native Californian."

“During the depression Lange photographed the homeless men who wandered the streets. Such pictures as White Angel Breadline, shot in 1932, showed the hopelessness of these men and received immediate recognition from the renowned photographers of Group f.64. This led to Lange’s being hired by the federal Resettlement Administration (later called the Farm Security Administration) to bring the conditions of the poor to public attention. Her photographs of California’s migrant workers, captioned with the subjects’ own words, were so effective that the state established camps for the migrants.”

FDR created the new deal for the people who didn’t have jobs of were retired.

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