Town of Chase By: Megan PRZYBYLSKI

I live in the town of Chase. My local government meets at: Town Hall 8481 County Road S Pulaski, WI 54162

Map of my local municipality.

Issues/Events Research- My selected issue is, the old landfill that's going to be utilized for the better of the community.

How my local government is handling this issue: The town of Chase plans to develop the old landfill into a useful space for the community. The old landfill site is a beautiful field which is surrounded by plenty of wooded area to use. The town of Chase wants to use the area to develop trails, which can lead to many activities in nature. Also, the town hopes the new area can be used for recreational events as well. Taxpayers will be paying for this new development. The town of Chase Park Commission plans to proceed with the plans to create a family friendly area for the community. My opinion: I agree with how the Park Commission is handling the issue of the development because they are doing this for the better of the community. I like the idea of the Park Commission using land that has not been in use for a long time, to create a development for the community to use. The town of Chase doesn't have a lot to offer with parks, so by creating this park/site it allows for the town of Chase to have something to offer. By the town of Chase having this park/site it would allow for more community interactions. I agree with my local government on the choices of the plans of utilizing the old landfill as a park/site for the community. My solution: My solution is to have most of the park/site to be completed by the service community. By having the park/site being completed by the community, it could save money. By saving money with the service of the community, the local budget in my local community could be spent on other important events and/or items. My other solution is that the town of Chase should promote donation giving. By promoting donation giving, the old landfill would be more extraordinary with all new equipment for the community use. To sum it up, the town of Chase is making their community better by creating/completing plans of turning the old landfill into a park/site. Interesting information about old landfill issue: The landfill is a 40 acre parcel of around 35 acres of hardwoods.

Issues/Events in the town of Chase: brief description and link.

1. Old Landfill Development: The town plans develop trails in area.

2. Amending Speed Limits: The speed limit was lowered to 45 mph on Mapleridge Circle.

3. Purchase of New Fire Truck (Pulaski Fire Department): Town of Chase voted against the decision of new fire truck.

4. Act For Barn Rental Budget: Purchase of chairs and tables not to exceed $9000.00

5. Act on Mailbox Requirements: Explains new law on mailbox placement.

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