Maru Ikatlong Markahan

Hinabing Haraya 2016: Isang Harding Papel

At Hinabing Haraya when we were in the backstage i was exited and nervous but my nervs got away. After Hinabi i said i want to do hinabi again.


It was so happy we ate hotdog we got candy And my special memory is i won best costume award it was my first time winning an award from.


The wall was filled by a lot of writings. And I wrote Marcos Hitler diktador tuta diktador tuta.

Lakbay-aral: Museo ng Katipunan

Museo ng Katipunan shows us we should be selfless and to sacrifise. It shows us that we need to be daring as well.

Pagpupugay kay Bonifacio

Sa pagpupugay kay Bonifacio kumanta kami ng aling pag ibig pa. At kumain kami ng litson manok gamit kamay sobrang sarap.

Shark Attack!

Created By
Patricia Linsangan

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