Made Music Instrument Project By megana higuchi and Yuxin Berson

Our assignment in design tech was to think of any type of musical instrument we wanted to make, and make it. YuXin and I decided to partner up because we're friends, and we thought we could work well together.

We had many different ideas because we searched the internet for ideas, but we only made two instruments; drums, and a rainstick (mr. drum, and mr. stick).

The reason we chose to make these two simple instruments out of all the other ideas we thought of and saw, was because of the lack of material we wanted/needed, and because they were simple.

The drums we ended up with were different from what we looked up. The ones we looked up were made of leather and stuff we didn't have, so we made drums out of paper coffee cups, paper, tape, and wax paper.

The main attraction of the drums would probably be how both drums sound different from each other. We did this by putting wax paper under the Taped top, in one of the cups.

After making the drums we had a lot of time left to create other musical instruments so we decided to make a rainstick.

Unlike many rainsticks ours would spin. The materials we used was a cardboard tube, "beads", wooden sticks, plastic caps, and extra cardboard scraps.

The plastic caps were to close off the cardboard tube that we filled (not all the way) with beads. The sticks were poked in randomly in the tube so the as the beads fell, it would make more sound. We also poked a stick all the way through the tube so that we could let the rainstick stick rest on the base we made.

Alyssa came over to our table and helped/advised me and YuXin to make a crank to easily spin the rainstick.

I wish that we don't have to spin the rainstick slowly to make the raining sound, but I am still really happy our instruments turned out like how they did.

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