What is the Greatest Chirstmas Movie? Reviewed by Jake Cleason

During the Christmas season, most people who celebrate the holiday will binge on music and movies. So I thought to myself, what is the best Christmas movie? With the help of a list by Rotten Tomatoes, I rounded up my top three favorites from that list and reviewed them. Criteria: Plot, Visuals and Music. Scores out of 15.


The Gremlins

Plot: The story begins with a father looking for a gift for his son in Chinatown. Looking through the store he finds a cage with the original "mogwoi" in it. The shopkeeper explains to the father to never expose them to bright light, water or feed them after midnight. Gremlins begin destroying the town after the son does all three of those things. The plot is what makes this movie a timeless classic. You never really get tired of seeing these creatures rip through stores and movie theaters. (5)

Visuals: Both the mogwoi and the gremlins, visually, passed the test of time. The lack of CGI really makes it seem more real. If they had used computer generated images instead of the puppets, it would have never lasted as long as it did. (5)

Music: The music is pretty good. The mix of both sinister, horror themed music with upbeat christmas music in the mix as well. There are a few songs that are generic but all together, I liked it. (3)

Score: 12/15


A Chirstmas Story

Plot: The plot to this movie is so simplistic it blows my mind. The main character Ralphie wants a Red Ryder Carbine Action Air Rifle for christmas! That is it. Yeah there are some random situations with his parents and a bully but they really don't affect the plot in anyway. I feel like 1/4 of the movie are meaningless dream sequences. When you really think about it, you could strip 3/4 of this movie out and it would result in the same ending. (2)

Visuals: On a strictly visual standpoint, I love this movie. The use of color in the santa scene really makes you feel like you're a kid again. All the scenes are well done with each one being memorable. (5)

Music: There is a reason not many people own the soundtrack for this movie. The music is insultingly generic. The only song I can remember is the one from the scene when Ralphie swears in front of his dad. That's it. (2)

Score: 9/15



Plot: Being raised by Elves, Buddy sets off to New York City to have a relationship with his real father. Along the way, he'll meet a girl, learn to behave normally and attempt to prove himself as a member of his father's family. With the end being a rush to save christmas through the power of "christmas spirit." The jokes in this movie do not hold up well and ending makes you want to fall asleep. (3)

Visuals: The movie is really only funny in its visual humor and that is why it is still really popular. The scene where a "fake santa" destroys a store in an attempt to beat up Buddy is actually impressive. Legos are flying everywhere and most of the room gets damaged in some way. It is a type of humor you don't see that much anymore. (4)

Music: The music is this movie is fantastic. Every piece will get stuck in your head after you hear it. Next Christmas, I know what I will be playing in my car. (5)

Score: 12/15


Winner: The Gremlins

Everything about this movie is a classic. From the unique plot to the visual effects, this movie has passed the test of time. That is why, it is my choice for the greatest Christmas movie of all times!

Source: https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/best-christmas-movies/


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