The Powers Of Eminent Domain by Natalie Myers

Eminent domain is a ongoing disagreement between the people who own the land vs the government who can really have the power over the land and do what they want with it.

The emient domain law is where the government has the ability to take over your land for the good use of the community.

Under certain circumstances private developers can take your land if it is for the good of the people. Homeowners had to give up their land for commercial development (apts)

For example: If commercial developers needed your land to build apartments. They can go to court and get permission to take the land. But in return they have to give you money for what the judge thinks the land is worth. Plus they have to give you they money to relocate.

Story time

Unfair case of eminent domain

Goals: is for the people and the government to have a more clear look and empathy about the laws of eminent domain and how much it affects the lives of civilians.

Methods: give people a look at real cases and how much it affected the person, but also give examples of when it all worked out and the property was used for the right people.

Obstacles: many will have their own views already and it can be very difficult to persuade people on this topic

The government might not care enough to change the law.


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