Cottage for Coach V Making a cottage and CALCULATING the cost

In math class we started a new project for making Coach V's cottage and calculating the cost. To begin the project I first made a layout of the cottage and thought about how will the cottage look. Then I put the measurement of the cottage and made three blue prints. The first one is looking from the bird's eye view and the second one is from the front and the third one is from left side of the cottage.

Bird's eye view
Front side view
Right side view

After making the blue print I made a 3-D denominational version of the cottage by using a site called Tinker cad. In Tinker Cad I was able to make doors, windows, walls and the roof in the correct measurement but multiplied by 10.

This is the view from different sides and angle. These helped me to calculate the costs associated with painting the exterior walls, putting shingles on the roof, and heating the home.

Front side
Right side view
Back side view
Left side view
From the top with the roof
From the top without the roof

Then I needed to calculate the cost of making this cottage. The cost that I needed to calculate was surface of the house because of the painting the exterior of the cottage. Area of the top of the roof because of putting a roof/shingles on the cottage. Volume of house because of determining the heating bill during the winter months (December to February).

Cost 2

In the end coach V will need to pay a total of 3394.32 euros. This includes 60 euros for the Celestial Blue exterior paint, 900 euros for a new roof, and 2434.32 euros to pay for 3 months of heating. This place will be a great place for coach V to have a great time and great memories for years and years.

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