#EdCampPE Colonial Tech Conference 2016 Blended Learning - Move it! Move it! Part II With Lori Minka

#Edcamp's are happening all across the world

2016 Edcamps

What is an #Edcamp?

I attended my first #edcamplv on March 14, 2016 and immediately signed up for #edcampldrde at Gunning Bedford Middle School on July 11, 2016. The Un-conference style was truly appealing. Attendees came just for the love of learning new things to do in the classroom!

What an amazing two days of learning, growing, and connecting! #EdCampldrde & lv

"After #EdcampLV I couldn't wait to give my students a similar experience. Student choice leads to student voice!" ~ Lori Minka

Found more reasons to try #EdCampPE Shared by @KarlyMoura on Twitter - TOSA Instructional Coach Love the choice, the room is the expert, it's fun, and share your awesome!
Non-facilitators are expected to contribute as well!

Pictured with the students is Mr. Lang, my 2016 student teacher from the University of Delaware! It was his first #EdCampPE and he had a blast!

Field Hockey was requested so I searched and found some old plastic sticks in the back of the equipment closet! Glad I didn't get rid of them!

Yoga in the Innovative Learning Lab ... aka the girls locker room. There were too many other activities. We had to find a way to create more space!

Other classes had the space to use the gym for Yoga!

Kickboxing and they used Adobe Voice to document their learning!

Wrestling was taught for the first time in PE. One passionate wrestler created a great deal of interest for the rest of the students!

She was a quick study and all involved were extremely respectful!

I needed more mats!

"I hope some choose Rugby next week as I have two new Rugby balls from our State Conference!" ~ Lori Minka

We wrote the names of volunteers that wanted to facilitate an activity on the white board and students signed up under the activity that most interested them. Assessment was a non-issue during this unit as the students were 100% engaged!

Other teachers are beginning to try it in their classrooms all across the country. Everyone seems to be adding their own twist or style. As long as it gives students choice, and the opportunity to lead the level of engagement will go up. Here are Dave Carney's videos on a variation of our PE ED CAMP!

The link below is to a Voxcast with the Digital Principal of the Year Glenn Robbins, and what caught my interest was from 33:35 on, answering Colonial Principal Doug Timm's question. Glenn states that he started an Ed Camp Class that is ungraded and kids work harder than they do in any other class. Parents are calling so please to see their child happy and excited to go to school!

Give a listen and give it a try in your class!
Any Questions I will be glad to help!
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