SHAWN KIEFFER Photographer, Videographer and Art Director

Shawn Kieffer Edgar. Fashion Photographer, Videographer and Art Director.

Tanzanian-born Shawn Keiffer Edgar is a multi-talented, well-rounded fashion photographer and art director, currently based in Cape Town, South-Africa. His love for the rich African culture drew him to the Mother City which is where he started his photography career. Shawn currently works as a freelance fashion photographer & art director for two of the biggest modeling agencies in Africa, and is involved in numerous fashion editorials across the continent.

Instagram: @shawnkieffer My African Story

Kieffer holds numerous accolades to his name, having previously been nominated twice at Swahili Fashion Week as Fashion Photographer of the Year, and, being nominated in the 2017 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards' Fashion Photographer of the Year (Africa)category. To date, Shawn's most prominent work involves him being selected as part of the official media team for Beyoncé's 2016 Formation World Tour in Dusseldorf at the Esprit Arena, and shooting the Berlin Fashion Week during his time in Germany on a 3-month contract with one of the country's leading modelling agencies. Shawn is continuously reinventing himself through photography, with the aim to capture exceptional images, covering works of beauty, art and custom photography for both private and commercial clients alike.

https://www.tapmagonline.com/shawn-kieffer and http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/magazine/thebeat/Keiffer-going-places-with-photography/1843792-4200422-gg9n99/index.html

With an extreme passion for photography and a keen eye for detail, Shawn connects deeply with his craft ensuring always that his feel and love of this genus is reflected in what he puts forth. It is with this reverent approach to this work that saw him being recognised on some of the biggest fashion and art platforms across Africa.

MensHealth Fashion Week (date & season), Cape Town South Africa
Menswear Fashion Week (date & season), CapeTown South Africa

Shawn is skilled in the art of fashion photography & videography. *The ideas for my work come to me long before I actually click the camera. I draw inspiration from many things around me including music, nature, literature and conversations with people. I also treasure inspiration from daydreams in which my perceptions take on a life of their own and feed my imagination. This cosmic world is built on my dispositions, thoughts and emotions which are reflected in my captured photographs. My images can be everything and anything ,except normal - with the exception to the latter only applying when I’m shooting a fashion show, doing a runway shoot or shooting/directing a commercial. It is, however, not my intention to show reality, I prefer to capture the realm of the unreal, its dispositions and commands. I believe that my choice to become a photographer was a natural and necessary one *.

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