Lol...omg Chapter 9

Chapter 9 is about good people, and bad behavior.


The chalpter is about cyberbullying. And it tells how some people are affected by it. Even the best people that don't get affected by it much get really hurt from it. The best people you know that seem so nice can be a cyberbully, and they could change from that very fast. They could go from your best frined to then only your friend cause they are cyberbullying. And then possibly not even your fiend anymore cause you don't like that fact that they are hurting someone. If so go tell someone about it.

Sometimes cyberbullying goes in groups. So it'll be groups of people at once attacking a person. That one Person doesn't know what's happening cause they may have done nothing to deserve that. Or if they did it's still not nice to cyberbully.

My opinion is that nobody should cyberbully. If you do it is a crime. If you are a cyberbully than you should think about how the person feels. What if they commit suicide, hurt themselves, or start to hurt other people. Even a possibility is they become a cyberbully themselves. So if you are about to cyberbully just don't do it because it can hurt more than the one person your bullying.

"Some cyberbullying is unintentional rather than a direct, malicious attack.

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