Free Time Still life photography

Tech Time

Time for Insta, Snapchat, Music and Youtube!

Set out on a Reading Adventure

Moving on to some Adventure Reading.....

Rowling Time

Alohamora - Open my spellbook (s)

Creativity in the Books

Words Are Life

T. Time

Moving onto Sports


The Story: A student is supposed to study but is pretending to, while he is thinking about all the things that he would do in his free time. Like the examples given above (objects).


Our names are Ishani, Armaan, Tanisha and Nikunj. This still life photography was a fun experience as we shared many jokes and had an equal share in work so everyone knew their job. Also, it was fun to play around with the objects and the lighting to get different cool effects from different angles. We desperately tried to show our theme through our photographs and the objects we used.

Created By
Armaan Merchant

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