Napoleon's three mistakes By: Alondra avendano and karissa kidd

Continental System Blockade for the foreign policy of Napoleon with his struggle in France against Great Britain during the Napoleon Wars. Napoleon failed to take advantage of Britain's parietal collapse such as: the exports to Europe fell 20%, of the 1810 level there was three bad harvests in a row, hardship and starvation foe many. In the end Napoleon's plan backfired.

Peninsula Campaign Napoleon's second costly mistake was him sending an army through Spain to invade Portugal then the Spanish towns rioted and protested. Napoleon disposed of the Spanish king and put his brother Joseph on the thrown. This outraged the Spanish people and inflamed their feelings since they remained loyal to their formal monarch. For five years Napoleon was fighting bands of peasant fighters known as gorillas and the gorillas were not an army that Napoleon could defeat in an open battle. He lost about 3,300 men. The losses weakened the French empire. German-Italians turned against the French.

Invasion of Russia In 1812 Napoleon lead to his third most disastrous mistake. After having completing designs and the Russian's refused selling grain to the Britain Napoleon decided to invade Russia. Napoleon's army entered Russia and Alexander pulled back his troops refusing to alerted to an unequal battle. Many of Napoleon's troops were not French most of them were drafted from all over Europe they had little loyalty to Napoleon. On September 7 1812 the two armies finally clashed in the battle of Borodin during the morning the advanced sung back and forth between the Russian's and French several more hours of fighting the Russian's retreated giving Napoleon victory that allowed him to take over Russia. On September 14 1812 Napoleon soon found that Moscow was in flames Napoleon stayed in the city for five weeks expecting the czar to make a peace offer after no offer came it was too late to advance any farther. Finally in the middle of the December the last survivors straggled out of Russia Napoleon had only 10,000 soldiers who were left to fight.

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