Martian Settlement Plan by Oscar Marino 12/9 Geospace Period 8


The launch will take place in Star City, Russia in their summer time. The goal of the mission will be to successfully take humans to Mars safely. The travel will take shorter than a year. Building materials have been already sent to Mars to test their durability. If the mission is successful, then humans will be able to live on Mars and humans can live on once Earth becomes uninhabitable.

Star City, Russia


Gregory Chamitoff will be the engineer of the rocket. His job will be to fix the rocket in case it stops working during the travel to Mars.He has gone to the following universities/institutes: California Polytechnic State University, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mae Jemison will be the medic on the rocket. Her job is to keep the astronauts healthy and alive. She has gone to Cornell University, Stanford University and Morgan Park High School. Eugene Cernan is the pilot. He will control the rocket so it can get to Mars quickly and safely. He went to Naval Postgraduate School, Proviso East High School and Purdue University. Valentina Tereshkova will be the Copilot. Her job will be to help the pilot. She has gone to the Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy.

Eugene Cernan

Space Travel

The design of the rocket is basically the Falcon 9's design expect it runs on plasma with a few differences. To prevent bone and muscle decay, we put in an artificial gravity room. We made reinforced walls which have been tested to stop debris floating around in space from damaging the spacecraft and hurting/killing the astronauts. We have perfected the plan for storing precooked food in the spacecraft to feed the astronauts. This food will stay fresh for at least a year, and they have a year's supply of food and if the crew make it within the expected time, they will have extra food to eat when they are on Mars.

Falcon 9

Living on Mars

The first humans to land on Mars will begin building a dome for future humans to live in for the duration of the 1000 year plan. These astronauts will live on their spacecraft while building the dome and once it is finished, they will move into the dome and start growing plants inside the dome. Once the 1000 year civilization plan is complete more humans can move to Mars and begin building homes and start settling on Mars.


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