Florida Museum of Natural History Rebekah LOng

Nature on Display

The most appealing exhibit in the museum for me was the butterfly garden. It was appealing because it was an immersion into a seemingly real place in nature, even though it was semi-artificially created. It was interesting to experience butterflies flying everywhere, when in nature you really only see a few at once, if you see any at all. The abundance as well as the diversity of the butterflies was beautiful to see. One thing the exhibit taught me was that the natural world is complex, yet still able to be recreated. My time in this exhibit was so enjoyable because I was able to experience nature in an unusual way.

Nature and Ethics

A big problem in my hometown over the past few years has been the state of our waterways. We had a terrible algae bloom that destroyed habitats, killed marine life, and put people's health at risk. The exhibit in the museum that displayed marine life brought these memories back to me. The aquatic creature exhibit made me appreciate the beauty of nature, as well as made me realize the importance of maintaining it to the best of our ability. I think my background with such terrible water issues made me look at this particular exhibit differently than others. The Natural History Museum allows visitors to experience nature but making it feel like you're really in the environment they're showing. The lighting is blue and dark in the marine exhibit, making it seem like you are under the water. The fish in this exhibit were larger than I am, and I was able to put it in perspective and realize that even though humans can walk and talk and fish cant, we have an ethical responsibility to take care of them, because we are all apart of the same Earth.

Nature and the Human Spirit

I really liked the jaws of the Megaladon. The exhibit with all the shark jaws helped me to step out of my ordinary life because I got a glimpse of an entirely different side of life than I have ever experienced. Recognizing that there are enormous creatures out there in the world puts into perspective the way humans think of ourselves. The majesty of the Megaladon and its magnitude can help humans to understand that we are just a small part of an amazing creation.

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