Animation By Ben Collishaw

My animation art style I took inspiration from a Youtuber called Domics. I decided to take inspiration from him because one I like his art and two I think it looks great but still looks pretty easy to do

another persons art style I was inspired by was another Youtuber called TheOdd1sOut which is also like the other art style it adds colour and a bit more detail overall

Another art style I like is by someone called pixlpit who is also a Youtuber who does a lot of 3D animation even though his models are the most detailed things in the world the still look very professional. even though I like this art style it looks very complicated do try and do.

The software I used for my animation was Adobe After Effects because its what I have most experience in but I'm still not that great in it. I initially started to use Adobe Animate (Flash) because I saw that it was easier to use for beginners. I also used Adobe Illustrator to create my assets and then imported them to After Effects.

here are some of the assets i created for my animation

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