Health and Medical Care in Afghanistan Mackenzie Holian

People all over Afghanistan are being affected by the war.

Each year thousands of people die because they don't have the right medical and health care. The medical care is either too far, too crowded, or too expensive. People in Afghanistan have a need for better hygiene, maternity, and mental care.

Because of the Taliban, almost all women and some men can't get those necessities. There are so many people in Afghanistan struggling to get medical and healthcare, and the government isn't helping them very much.

Personal Hygiene

- Almost everyone in Afghanistan doesn't have clean water or sanitation. Most people in Afghanistan are really poor, so they can't buy cleaning products, which leaves them subject to disease. Some people can't even go to the bathroom without risk of disease. A lot of people die of water-borne illnesses. In Afghanistan, people are allowed to take classes to learn more about personal hygiene, so they can stay healthy.

"Only 42 percent of Afghans have access to clean drinking water. Moreover, only 27 percent of the rural population has access to sanitation facilities resulting in exposure to water-borne illnesses that cause diarrhea, claiming the lives of an estimated 85,000 Afghan children under the age of five every year."
The British Red Cross works hard in Afghanistan to help injured people.


Teenagers have kids too young, and that can result in death or severe injuries. A lot of babies die before they are born because the mother does too much physical labor, or is too skinny to carry a child. If they don't die before they are born, the will probably die after they are born because of hunger or disease. Sometimes women can't get to where they need to go because of land mines or bombs, and there might not be a doctor within a walking radius. Sometimes the husbands also don't allow their wives to leave the house.

"Every woman here has a horror story of miscarriages, infant deaths and terrible struggles to reach specialist maternity care. Afghanistan's infant mortality rate of 220 per 1,000"

Effects of war

Thousands of people die because of bombs, whether they are land mines or ones dropped from the sky. Most people don't have the medical service to get an artificial limb, or the surgery that will stop the wound from bleeding. Because of the war, people usually get mental problems, and there are almost no mental institutions in Afghanistan. The institutions that do exist are very full, and expensive. Also, a lot of people have to move, or flee their homes. Most of the time it is from an air strike, but sometimes people flee because of a government overthrow.

"Those war effects include elevated rates of disease due to lack of clean drinking water, malnutrition, and reduced access to health care. Nearly every factor associated with premature death — poverty, malnutrition, poor sanitation, lack of access to health care, environmental degradation — is exacerbated by the current war.Civilians have been killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), assassinations, bombings, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents "

Doctors and the taliban

Taliban are cruel people who think that women should just stay at home all day and clean/ cook instead of getting a job (such as a doctor) and making a life for themselves. Even if you're not a woman, all doctors are ridiculed by the Taliban. Patients, or people trying to become patients, are also ridiculed by the Taliban. The Taliban think that a woman can only see a male doctor if he is directly related to her.

"Male and female doctors are viewed with suspicion by the Taliban and are routinely ridiculed in public. Women are attacked when they venture into the streets to seek medical care for themselves or their children"


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