Photojournalism Portfolio Drew Daws

1.) The Hay House, nicknamed the 'Palace of the South,' is located in the heart of downtown Macon and highlights the city's historic past. 2.) The Woodruff House, located on Coleman Hill, again tells a tale of Macon's rich history. 3.) Monique, who has been homeless in Macon for over six years, is a prime example of the blight facing Macon-- an issue that still needs to be resolved.
Construction workers take a break from their long work day at the Lofts at Capricorn worksite to showcase their professions.
Sports Action- Tommy Florentino, right wing for the Evansville Thunderbolts, takes possession of the puck after a face-off.
During the final Fieldnote Stenographers event, several people gathered at Tim Regan-Porter's house to listen to great music.
1.) Stephon Jelks, forward for the Mercer Bears, shoots from the foul line. 2.) A glass pumpkin, reflecting the light from the window. 3.) Fieldnote Stenographers event on Bond Street.
Hugh's home, located off of Napier Avenue, highlights his eclectic taste and green thumb. Through the mess, you get a peek at his life, as well as a glimpse of the struggles he has faced. In 1993, Hugh was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
Hugh's love for plants and birds is apparent throughout his front and backyard. He is growing new plants in his greenhouse, to replace the dying ones located on his front porch.
Hugh and his partner own several animals, including a large 30-year-old tortoise, a dog named Maggie, and several parrots. Hugh's partner worked at a pet store for several years and is especially fond of birds.

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