Trump's Wall Could Cause Serious Environmental Damage By: Erika Bolstad

President Trump has been in office for only thirteen days and has already signed twenty executive orders. One of which, is the construction of a border wall along the US-Mexico border. However, experts have been pessimistic in evaluating the true value a border wall will bring the United States. Although the political aspects of the wall are controversial, the environmental aspects opposed to the construction of the wall are overwhelming. As of right now, we are already seeing wildlife migrations blocked with the current walls and fences that have already been built. The costs of the construction of the wall would only hurt both the economy as well as the environment. The burning of fossil fuels are contributing to dangerous levels of climate change; unfortunately, the production of large quantities of cement would result in an increased level of carbon dioxide in the environment which leads to global warming.

Fortunately, a movement across the United States has drawn support in opposition of the construction of the wall. Architects and engineers all over the country are uniting against the idea of building this wall as they are required to protect public health, safety, and welfare as an ethical priority in their work. As the architects realize, fueling climate change is not protecting the public health, safety, and welfare of the American people. If President Trump was truly concerned about the safety and prosperity of the United States, he would be focusing his attention on climate change rather than building expensive political statements.

Burning fossil fuels to create cement

President Trump ran a campaign filled with strong rhetoric and peculiar promises. He was voted into office with the hope of bringing change to the country. However, that change may be in the worst interest for the American people. The idea of building a wall along the Southern border of the U.S. is one promoted by fear and prejudice. Hopefully, Congress will not allocate the money required to carry out this executive order. Conservatives out of all people should be taking a stand against spending tax payer money on useless policies that won't bring any benefit to the United States. The construction of the wall will inevitably lead to the erosion and flooding in border communities, as well as a roadblock for the natural movement of wildlife across the border.

There is no true reason to sacrifice the health of border communities and wildlife for such political grandstanding. President Trump is opening the door to significant environmental disasters from taking place all because he believes the flow of Mexican immigrants (which is really a net flow out of the country) is a severe problem that deserves enormous amounts of money to solve. A border wall is not going to stop the flow of immigrants, as the will simply find alternative ways to enter the country. Building this useless wall will hurt wildlife migration, displace and destroy wildlife habitats, increase climate change, and take money that could go to saving the environment and allocating it towards destroying it.

President Trump's decision to put irrational and personal policy choices ahead of the environment and the American people will prove costly in years to come. The evidence in opposition to the border wall is overwhelming and cannot be ignored. Fortunately, in the U.S., there are checks to every action the President takes; however, it is up to the American people to take matters into their own hands and make meaningful steps to inform our government officials of our views on this wall. I chose this article because we can no longer afford to allow President Trump to continue to take this country down the wrong path. I would want to know more about the dangers a border wall would pose to the surrounding environment as well as how effective a wall would be in accomplish Trump's goals. There is time to voice our concerns, so call your senators and house members and let them know, if they do not stand up to this action, they will not receive your vote during reelection.

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