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End of Course Reflection

At first, I thought I might not get much out of this course as I have now been using Spark for my learning journals ever since joining the Education Exchange, but boy was I wrong! I walked out of this course having picked up several new tips for working with Spark. And, although I didn't really implement too many of them in this learning journal, I will be from this point forward!

I am also working on creating a professional development session for my coworkers and perhaps the entire district next school year about the free tools Adobe offers. Spark is definitely going to be one of the major highlights and this course definitely helped prepare me for creating the content needed to run such a professional development.

Class 2 - Working with Spark Posts

For the second week of this course, we worked with Spark Posts. Posts are used to create simple graphics. They are in no way comparable to working in Photoshop, though they do offer a couple of the simpler features and can be very useful for students who don't have access to the more powerful tools.

One thing I picked up from the week's lesson was to use a Post to create a section header instead of using the H1 text, like I did last week. I'm surprised that never occurred to me but I do often get bogged down in the text of an essay.

So, for this week's assignment, I decided to do some research on one of my all-time favorite artists, Jim Morrison, to write a short biographical style essay. I used Post to highlight a couple of his shorter poems, dropped a personal photo into the Page and played around with some of the formatting ideas. I think it came out alright. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Class 1 - Working with Spark Pages

This week we got a bit more experience with formatting Spark Pages. I've now used Spark Pages quite a bit as learning journals in other Ed Ex courses so I was able to whip right through the week's assignment using the Free To Mix text. I was pretty confident and comfortable with my completed document. One thing I have constantly gotten frustrated with when using Spark is its minimal formatting capabilities. Strange to say that as a self-proclaimed minimalist!

However, during the live class this week, I did walk away with some useful tips. For instance, I had no idea that I could move the title around the screen a little nor did I know this was also possible with the glideshow! I have no earthly clue about how I missed those features! I also never realized that by moving the focus point on an image, you also got to see how the change affects the page on mobile devices.

Regardless of how much I think I know about an application, I always find new and useful info during the live sessions! Anyway, check out my reformat below.

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