Tin Tooth BY:Izzy Sievers

The school stopped and watched as the amazing battle bot, Tin Tooth, smashed into the Annihilator. We are building our bots because we are going to go against others in class. My partner is Sidney. The name of our battle bot is, of course, Tin Tooth. Our bot is made entirely of tin cans with a little tape and glue. The purpose of this project was to work with partners to accomplish a battle bot, and to become a better writer with every day journals about our bot. I think Tin Tooth is one of the best because it can handle a lot, it's small, and it’s steady but fast!

Tin Tooth is the best because it can handle a lot. When Tin Tooth got ramped off the Annihilator, it landed and turned around and attacked it back. The Annihilator smashed into the side of Tin Tooth and the hit didn't harm it at all! Besides, there is nothing fast enough and sharp enough to hurt our tin armour. With the help of all our accessories, we defended our bot well! This is why Tin Tooth can take so much.

Tin Tooth is also the best bot in class because it is small. Tin Tooth can easily get around bigger opponents. Tin Tooth is small and easy to move. When opponents attack, they can’t hit Tin Tooth as easily because it is small. Tin Tooth can dodge and then come back and attack. Tin Tooth is great at defense because it is so miniature.

Tin Tooth is steady but fast. Tin Tooth zoomed around the Annihilator and stayed on all fours. Tin Tooth can go very fast. Tin Tooth smashed into the Annihilator, got pushed back again, and blew past. Tin Tooth is so steady, when everyone attacked it, it didn’t even turn over. Tin Tooth is very balanced but quick.

I know Tin Tooth is the greatest because, it can take a lot, it’s petite, and is sturdy but quick. Tin Tooth is awesome because it can handle a lot. Tin Tooth is astonishing since it is teensy. Tin Tooth is stable but agile. Tin Tooth is the fastest, sneakiest, petite bot in the entire class, do YOU want to fight him?

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