Ratification of the Constitution By: nary

You may be one, but you're not the only one.

You see, you should ratify the constitution, this constitution.

One reason why you should sign the Consitution is that it would create a national government that is strong enough to unite the states into one republic.

Also not one power would be to powerful. The power is divided into three branches which one isn't more powerful than another.

Another reason was that the Consitution would remedy the weaknesses that they have by creating a stronger, more effective union of the states.

Many Americans fear that the government would take away their rights. The powers were strictly limited so that you can have your rights. The government can't take away your rights because we all have basic rights that we were born with. Yeah they have their rights that we have to follow but we don't have to completely if you disagree.

Would you fear not to know if you'll have freedom for sure or do you wanna know your freedom?

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